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Help us directly relieve the debt of those working on the front lines of the pandemic and those facing financial hardship resulting from the COVID induced economic downturn. gives you the power to eradicate medical debt at pennies on the dollar. Your donation will forgive the medical debt of needy individuals and families across the USA. Please Make a Donation Here. Thank you.

  1. Unlimited Medical Consultations
    24/7/365 Nationwide (USA) Doctor access. No per-call Cost. Electronic Prescriptions.
  2. Mental Health Specialists
    24/7/365 Access to Master Level Therapists.
  3. Care Navigation Advocates
    Get Help with the complexities of the healthcare system. Medical Bills Review, Appeal, Fee Negotiation.
  4. Message a Specialist
    Consult with Specialists via Secure Messaging.
Instead of scheduling an appointment to see a Doctor or going to the Emergency Room or Urgent Care center, you simply make one phone call and a doctor will provide you with a consultation, diagnose your medical problem and even call in a prescription to your local pharmacy. The best part is that the doctor consult is FREE for members.


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