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Telemedicine can be your trusted partner to provide your employees, including their families, access to medical care around the clock, saving you money and keeping your workforce healthy. Employees and their family members can connect with a physician by app, telephone or video for medical consultations whenever and wherever they need care. Your cost is only $10, or less, per employee per month. See all the benefits included in the Telemedicine Family Plan.

Benefits of Telemedicine to Employers
  • Improves access to healthcare for employees in remote locations
  • Reduces employer costs related to employee doctor's office and ER visits
  • Instant access to doctors cuts down on missed work time related to minor health issues
  • Helps prevent minor employee health issues from becoming costly conditions
  • Safeguards employers against the "Cadillac Tax" related to high health plan premiums

The American Medical Association (AMA) notes that 70% of doctor's office visits can be handled by telephone. Telemedicine gives your employees easy, streamlined access to board certified doctors via phone, email or video call 24/7.

Multiple Cost Savings for Employers

Cost Containment
Telemedicine costs less than a co-pay.
Re-directing unnecessary visits can reduce healthcare costs by up to 25%.

Telemedicine gives patients easy access to a physician, reducing the risk
that medical problems become chronic.

Flexible Implementation
Telemedicine can be implemented anytime of the year with minimal hassle.
There are no waiting periods or exclusions.

Reduce absenteism, improve productivity and
foster employee retention with Telemedicine

Let Telemedicine help your business. You can provide these valuable benefits to your employees and their families for just $8 to $10 per employee per month.

CONTACT US for information on how to provide the Telemedicine Family Plan benefits to your employees, for $10 per employee per month. Even lower if more than 200 employees. (Minimum Billing $50/Mo.)


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